Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About Time

Well, I figure it's about time for me to update since the last one was for Halloween. A lot has happened since Halloween. We have since moved back to Sandy. We loved our house in Orem, and the neighborhood, but Kenny was offered a job back in Salt Lake and we need to follow the money. These last year or so has been rough because of dealerships that he was working at not paying him like they should be or had promised. Definitely not a year that we want to repeat. EVER!!! On the upside, he is back working at D.Dahle Mazda as the Lot Coordinator. Which means that he pretty much runs and oversees the whole lot. He is able to detail there and we are hoping to be able to keep his brother busy as he works for our Mobile Detailing Business. More exciting news is that I got the job that I had applied for. It is as a CNA at Sandy Atria, which is an assisted living center. I am so excited. I have a friend that currently works there and absolutely loves it. I have not heard one bad thing about it yet. I will start training this coming week. We are hoping and praying that with Kenny earning a steady paycheck along with my own that we can start getting ourselves out of debt and save for a house. I am also currently completing my prerequisites to get into the nursing program at SLCC. At the rate that I am able to get them done, I probably won't even be able to apply until after fall semester 2011.

Now on to the kids...because that's who is more interesting than Kenny and I.

Brooklyn has made quite a few friends here in our new neighborhood. She seems to always have at least 2 over. We are hoping to get her into a volleyball league for the fall and she is soo excited.

Aleigha hasn't had as much luck as Brooklyn, but is enjoying being closer to some of her older friends...even if they are boys. Hopefully after a couple weeks in our new ward we can find a couple of kids her age for her to hang around with.

Mariah is doing well too. She is still the life of the party. She loves to mimic her sisters and loves to strike a pose like her big sister Aleigha when its picture time. She still doesn't talk much but she is able to express herself enough to get what she wants. Her eczema is still pretty bad, but because of it, she was able to get into a study to test a new lotion that will hopefully get it cleared up for the most part. We started her today on the new lotion and she will continue using it for about the next 6-8 weeks. Hopefully they can get her cleared up.

I am hoping to be better with keeping my blog updated, but with school currently in session for me, and starting work next week, I can't promise anything.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Mariah playing at Aleigha's Halloween Party at school
Aleigha in her school parade. What a Rockstar!
Grandma and all the grandkids!

So, I figure that now is a good time to start blogging again. Today we celebrated Halloween. Actually, we have had it the last couple of days. It started on Thursday, when I let my girls skip school, and we went to Sandy to Brooklyn's old school and went to the parade there. It was so good to see Brooklyn getting to be around all her old friends. Then while the party was going on in my mom's class room, Kara and I took the babies and went over to my dads school to bring him balloons and lunch (although he paid...for lunch. Thanks Dad! Happy Birthday!) He loves showing off the babies when we go out there, and it is fun to watch him swell with pride. The next day, Friday, I was in charge of Aleigha's Kindergarten Party. It was the first party where I have been the coordinator for the class. I think that I would much rather be a helper, than the planner. It went well, and Mariah was such a good girl the whole time. She stayed back in the play kitchen and played with the fake silverware, and fake food the whole time. We never heard a peep out of her. Then on the real Halloween, which was Saturday this year, the girls and I hung out at home all day getting cleaning done. (well, at least I did...the verdicts out on their rooms.) Then Kenny got home and we went to our ward Chili and Pie Dinner and Trunk or treat. This was Mariah's first time trick-or-treating, and lets just say that she really got into it. She had a little pumpkin bucket for her candy, and she would not even let me hold on to it. She would walk with it in her little fairy costume and walk up to people who were handing out candy and then she would hold out the bucket. But she wouldn't let them put it in the bucket. She actually had to take it from their hand and drop it in her bucket by herself. Then if they were lucky, she would wave to them as she walked to the next car. At one car the man said, "Take whatever you would like." My little fairy took this as an invitation to take his bucket...what a goofball. After the trunk-or-treat, one of my neighbors and I took about 7 girls around the neighborhood while Kenny and Mariah stayed home. When I got home, I was greeted at the door by Mariah with lollipops open in each hand. It was so cute to see how excited Mariah was for her first Halloween, and she amazes us everyday with how oldshe is getting, and how smart. All in all, it was a good day, but I am glad that it only comes around once a year!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Alive and Kicking

Wow,  it's been a long time since I was able to sit down and write a post.  I'm not quite sure why it has taken so long though.  A lot of funny things have happened since I last wrote...the funniest being the following...A couple of weeks ago, Aleigha called out to me from the other room and said, "Mom, I know how to spell sleep."  I asked her how?  She said, "Z.Z.Z"  I told her not she tells me, "Z.Z.Z.Z"?  I left it at that and told her good job.  I asked her how she knew that and she said..."I learned it on the computer."  The next day she calls out to me from another room, and says, "Mom, I know how to spell Nemo.  N-E-M-O."  I said, "Great Job!  Where did you learn how to spell that?"  She said, from her perch on the toilet, "I read it on my underwear!"  What a nutcase!  

Another new thing for us since my last post is that Kenny has lost his job.  It's in the car sales industry and they just weren't busy enough, and he had been hired back and was the last one that had been hired back.  We are so lucky though, that we have our Mobile Detailing business to fall back on.  Kenny had actually been on the fence about quitting for awhile, his business traffic was picking up, but he wasn't having a lot of available time to detail, because of the fact that he had to be at the dealership all the time even though they weren't even busy.  This was a hard thing for us to have him gone all the time and not being able to make money.  Since he has not been working at the car dealership, we have seen a lot more of him.  It is so nice to have him with us for dinner and/or have him help with the kids.  

This past Saturday, April 11, we were able to walk as a family in the WalkMS 2009.  This was great to have Kenny with us for.  We were able to help raise money to find a cure for MS, a disease that has afflicted my little sister for a year now.  The most wonderful thing is that Brooklyn and Aleigha were so excited about doing the walk and about helping find a cure for their "Aunty Krista".   We were able to walk and raise money with a team of about 18, a team that we have named "Raisin' Dough for MS".  (I came up with the name a while ago and am so happy that we got to use it...YAY Me!)  We have decided that we are definitely going to be doing this walk for years to come, and would love to have the biggest team!  Anyone who would like to join with us to raise money is more than welcome to contact me for more information.

Anyways, one more new thing is our cute little puppy, Suga.  (pronounced Soon-ga)  This means "girl" in samoan.  She is a 10 week old Chocolate Lab that was given to my husband on his last day of work at the dealership from a past customer.  She is adorable.  (not so much at 2, 4, and 6 in the morning though).   It has been fun to see our daughters play with and learn how to care for a pet.  Brooklyn has especially been great with Suga.  She has mostly kept up on the poop clean up and is constantly playing with Suga and taking care of her.  I will try and post a picture later.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello again, Hello...

Been a long while since my last post. I guess once I started working, that I totally stopped writing. Anyways, it has been mostly nice since my last post. We went on a trip to San Diego, and had quite a fun time. The girls were the perfect age to enjoy Sea World. So we went there twice. The last time we went Brooklyn was about 3 1/2 years old and Aleigha was about 9 months pretty close to Mariah's age. And it was enjoyable, but so much more this time! Brooklyn also has celebrated her 8th birthday! Oh my gosh, I can't believe that I have an 8-year-old daughter. That just doesn't seem possible to me. A lady from the ward came by to invite her to Activity Days, and I about fell over. My daughter shouldn't be that old already! Next thing you know, it's Young Women's, and then dating.....AAGGHHH!!! She has just recently done the math and realized that I had her at 18. So, she is asking Kenny why he says that she has to wait until she is 27 to be married. I told him..."Go ahead Dad...explain it!" Aleigha is still the same old Aleigha, making everybody laugh. She has been calling me "Toots!" lately. What a nerd! And cute little Mariah has finally gotten her first tooth. Yay! (Although, not yay for me...OUCH!!!" Still as cute as ever! I don't think that our little family could love that little girl any more! She has everyone wrapped around her little fingers!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Day Off

So, I have decided that I kind of like my new schedule.  I work 3 days a week and get my "need to be productive" out of my system, and then I get to spend the rest of the week at home with my little sidekick and my beautiful Mariah.  Today has been really laid back.  I have pretty much just been hanging out with the girls.  I am thinking that tomorrow I should actually plan to get something done, but for today, I am going to do the bare minimum since Mariah got her shots yesterday and she is a little sad today.  Tell you one thing though...the tylenol I have given her has really helped her with an afternoon nap.  It has been kind of nice!  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

So, today we had our first hiccup with me working.  Kenny had an excursion and an F-150 that he needed to get detailed for some anesthesiologist, and I needed to be at work.  I went into work and was about 20 minutes late because Brooklyn was extra slow getting ready this morning.  I told Kenny that I would try and come home early.  I got caught up in this project that I was doing and so by the time that I got home at about noon, he didn't really have time to get those 2 cars detailed by the time that he needed to be working his other job.  It kind of helps, though, that the 2 cars that he needed to detail are both at his dealership, so he picked up his bro and his cousin to help him out.  Needless to say, he was pissed at me, and I was a little wasn't as if I was out shopping, or doing something stupid.  I was making a paycheck too...although it was probably about $40 less an hour than he would me detailing.  I hate when things like this come up because then it makes me second guess going back to work.

On a brighter note.  I took Mariah into the doctor today for her 6 month check up...although she is already over 7 months.  (we were lacking the insurance until this month.)  Anyways, she weighs in at 19 lbs. 1 oz.  and was 26 1/4 inches long.  She is 85% in both weight and head circumference, and 50% in height.  So essentially they are telling me that she is short and fat!  But hey, anyone that has seen her or held her could attest to that.  

I also have not made it back to the gym yet.  Yesterday and today Mariah was either eating, or up and ready to eat when it was time to go.  I am still sore enough from Monday that maybe I can still count that I went.  HA.  I wish!!!  

Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Me!

So, today was my first day of work.  I decided that since I was starting something new, that I would really start to change how I am.  Everybody that knows me knows that I have about 50 lbs. from the girls that I still need to lose.  YUCK!  I was blessed with only gaining about a 3 lb total with Mariah, so I need to take advantage of that blessing and start losing the other 2 kids weight.  So, I figure, okay...I will wake up early and go to the gym with my mom, and then go to work.  Well, after finally getting Mariah asleep (for good) at about 12:30 am, and waking up with her about 2 different times during the night, I woke up at 5:00 am to go to the gym.  I hop on the treadmill because that was really one of the few machines that were open.  I start walking, and increase the incline.  Then I would increase the speed, and then the incline.  I got to point about 30 minutes into it that I was walking at 3.5 speed and 15 on the incline.  I was seriously holding on to the top of the treadmill with both hands.  I finished having walked almost 3 miles in about 50 minutes.  Anyways, I get home, showered, and wake Brooke up and she gets up and gets ready.  Since I had gone to the gym, I passed up the sugary cereal, and ate something healthy, and not all that great.  I got to work, and was so productive.  I got everything that 1st grade had for me done with an hour to spare.  I really missed working as an aide.  I just love hearing the teachers talk about that they are so lucky to have gotten me to come back and work with them.  I ended up getting all my stuff done, and didn't stop working the whole 5 hours...and was pretty much on my feet most of that time.  MY LEGS AND BUTT ARE KILLING ME!!!!!  I am dying!  And then to make it worse, someone at the gym that I had subbed on their volleyball team a couple of weeks ago, saw me and asked if I could help their team out tonight.  I said of course, since I wouldn't want to let a chance to play volleyball go to waste, and now I am thinking...OH CRAP!  How am I going to jump!  Hopefully my uphill treadmill work will at least help me shape the area that is my rear end.  I need something that will actually hold my pants up.  Anyways, all in all my morning was good.  But I ruined all the work I had done up until lunch, when I snacked on 3 or 4 chocolate chip cookies.  Shoot!  Guess I'll have to go back to the gym again tomorrow!  Dang it!