Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About Time

Well, I figure it's about time for me to update since the last one was for Halloween. A lot has happened since Halloween. We have since moved back to Sandy. We loved our house in Orem, and the neighborhood, but Kenny was offered a job back in Salt Lake and we need to follow the money. These last year or so has been rough because of dealerships that he was working at not paying him like they should be or had promised. Definitely not a year that we want to repeat. EVER!!! On the upside, he is back working at D.Dahle Mazda as the Lot Coordinator. Which means that he pretty much runs and oversees the whole lot. He is able to detail there and we are hoping to be able to keep his brother busy as he works for our Mobile Detailing Business. More exciting news is that I got the job that I had applied for. It is as a CNA at Sandy Atria, which is an assisted living center. I am so excited. I have a friend that currently works there and absolutely loves it. I have not heard one bad thing about it yet. I will start training this coming week. We are hoping and praying that with Kenny earning a steady paycheck along with my own that we can start getting ourselves out of debt and save for a house. I am also currently completing my prerequisites to get into the nursing program at SLCC. At the rate that I am able to get them done, I probably won't even be able to apply until after fall semester 2011.

Now on to the kids...because that's who is more interesting than Kenny and I.

Brooklyn has made quite a few friends here in our new neighborhood. She seems to always have at least 2 over. We are hoping to get her into a volleyball league for the fall and she is soo excited.

Aleigha hasn't had as much luck as Brooklyn, but is enjoying being closer to some of her older friends...even if they are boys. Hopefully after a couple weeks in our new ward we can find a couple of kids her age for her to hang around with.

Mariah is doing well too. She is still the life of the party. She loves to mimic her sisters and loves to strike a pose like her big sister Aleigha when its picture time. She still doesn't talk much but she is able to express herself enough to get what she wants. Her eczema is still pretty bad, but because of it, she was able to get into a study to test a new lotion that will hopefully get it cleared up for the most part. We started her today on the new lotion and she will continue using it for about the next 6-8 weeks. Hopefully they can get her cleared up.

I am hoping to be better with keeping my blog updated, but with school currently in session for me, and starting work next week, I can't promise anything.


  1. Oh my you guys have been busy! I think that Atria was where my Grandma was after her fall, is it the one right off of 11000 south just west of Altara elementary school? Anyways my grandma really liked that place. Good luck to you guys with all the changes that have happened! You will have to be sure to stop in and say hi to my sil Lindsey!

  2. Remember to use that lotion religiously for Mariah!! You can't just use it when you feel like it if you're doing a study!! ;-)